Compressed Air Foam Stored Energy System (smaller rooms and plant protection)

The One Seven® “Stored Energy System” from FireShield Systems Ltd is a complete firefighting system that is driven without a pump or compressor. The system consists of the components:

Foam generator, pressurised water tank, foam tank, nitrogen cylinder bank, system control.

Nitrogen from the cylinder bank is used for generating compressed air foam. The required water is stored and it is also to be charged with pressure via the nitrogen and that adds it to the foaming process in the correct pressure ratio.

The application of this system is provided for locations where the power supply is insufficient for operating a pump or compressor. Only the system control is supplied with power. It is also possible to design the system with a pump for generating the required water pressure and the nitrogen cylinder bank is only be used for generating the compressed air foam.

The operating time of the system is limited due to the limited volume of nitrogen and water. The required operating time will be determined according to the object to be protected and the required application rate so that efficient fire extinguishing can be achieved.

FireShield Systems Ltd are the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for One Seven®