Efficient, environmentally-friendly, cost-effective water mist systems.

At Fire Shield, we offer a broad range of water mist systems accredited for a number of different hazard types 

We work with manufacturers across the world to bring our clients the most effective water mist systems available.  

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What are water mist systems?  

Water mist systems are a fire suppression method which use extremely fine water sprays to control, suppress or extinguish fires by:  

  • Cooling the flames and surrounding gases  
  • Displacing oxygen  
  • Using the small droplets to reduce radiant heat.  

When installing these systems, it’s important to remember that they are not necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution. Their effectiveness depends on both the spray characteristics and conditions of the fire, with different sprays being more effective in different conditions. This makes ensuring the right system is installed vital.  

The benefits of water mist systems  

Our water mist solutions have several benefits in comparison to alternative suitable methods of fire suppression:  

  • Placing the system in key locations helps to contain the fire to the point of origin, dramatically reducing damage caused should any fires start  
  • They use just 10% of the water of comparable traditional sprinkler systems, making them environmentally friendly and reducing water damage when used, making recovering from any fires a simpler process  
  • They’re easy to fit, ensuring minimal disruption to your business during installation  
  • All our systems are effective against a range of fires, and we take the time to discover all risks before establishing the perfect system for your business  
  • Immediate activation reduces the chance of a fire spreading, playing a key role in minimising the potential damage caused  
  • Water mist systems are small and unobtrusive, making them easy to install in any area of your business 
  • Low reinstatement costs following activation makes them incredibly cost-effective over both the short and long-term.  

Where to use water mist systems 

 One of the most flexible fire suppression solutions around, high pressure water mist systems can be used in a range of firefighting applications, including: 

  • Data centres and server rooms 
  • Offices 
  • Generator rooms 
  • Tunnels 
  • Trains 

Alongside these, they can be used in a range of alternative locations. If you are interested in utilising a water mist system and would like to see if they would be suitable, contact our team for more information. 

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