Bespoke, automatic fire suppression systems created specifically to meet the needs of your business. 

At Fire Shield Systems, we provide a wide range of automatic fire suppression systems to businesses in a range of industries. We work with the best manufacturers in the industry to be the most effective active fire suppression system suppliers around. 

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What is an automatic fire suppression system? 

An automatic fire suppression system is an active fire protection solution. Fire suppression technology controls and extinguishes fires without requiring human intervention, or until the fire service arrives. These systems come in many forms, depending on the application.

A range of options are available for these systems which allow them to be used for vehicle fire protection, waste and recycling plant fire suppression and more. Ensuring you’re protected from fires no matter your industry.

All systems have specialist means of detection and suppression, with each suitable for different use-cases. This means making the right decision vital if you are to properly protect your assets and avoid false alarms.

Although these systems activate automatically, manual activation options are also commonplace, giving you an extra layer of security should it be required. 

The benefits of automatic fire suppression 

Having this type of fire protection system installed brings with it a number of benefits for your business: 

  • They’re fast-acting to suppress the fire, getting fire under control before major damage is caused to buildings and equipment. Not only does this minimise financial losses incurred from having to replace damaged goods, it will also reduce the time you need to close down following the fire, again reducing your financial worries in the aftermath 
  • Extinguishing systems, which act to control any fires, automatically allow you and your staff to stay safe and get away from the fire, rather than putting your health at risk controlling the fire yourself 
  • You’ll have the comfort of knowing your premises are protected even when you’re not around with acute fire detection. Fire can break out at any time, having an automatic system means the fire won’t have time to take hold if it occurs out of office hours 
  • Upon activating, these systems can automatically notify the fire brigade, meaning you’ll get help as soon as possible 
  • All of this can also often lead to lower insurance premiums, with insurers knowing your business is less likely to suffer major fire damage .

 Our products 

We offer a wide range of fire suppression systems designed to help businesses in a range of industries protect their premises, equipment and staff from fires. 

Some of our most popular products include our water mist systems and water and foam monitor systems. In addition to these, we offer a wide range of fire extinguishing solutions perfectly suited to your business. 

We are also proud to be the exclusive distributor for vehicle fire protection specialists Dafo UK and Ireland, giving us particular expertise in this area. 

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We work with 

At Fire Shield, we specialise in helping businesses in several sectors facing unique fire risks, including:

In addition to these, we have worked with businesses in a range of other areas for bespoke fire safety systems. Contact us today if you would like to ask our team about our experience in your sector.

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