Compressed Air Foam Systems

Compressed air foam (CAF) systems provide a versatile fire suppression solution for a wide range of fire types in various applications.

At Fire Shield Systems, we offer a wide range of CAF systems suitable for use in a number of industries. Our team works closely with you to establish the exact requirements of your business, giving you the confidence you’ll receive the most effective system for your unique requirements.

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What are CAF systems?

Compressed air foam systems are fire fighting systems which use a fire retardant foam solution to quickly and effectively extinguish fires.

When activated, your fire suppression system releases a foam over a large area which coats the fire, cooling it and preventing contact with oxygen. This results in fires quickly being eliminated with minimal damage to the area.

There are a variety of foams available to use in CAF systems which are suited to specific use-cases. These include:

  • Low-expansion foam: has an expansion ratio of less than 20 times. These are low-viscosity, mobile and can quickly cover large areas, making them ideal for large outdoor spaces or large warehouses
  • Medium-expansion foam: has an expansion rate of 20 to 100 times and offers a suitable solution for the majority of businesses
  • High-expansion foam: has a high expansion ratio of 200 to 1000, making them suitable for enclosed areas which rapid coating and elimination of fires is the top priority. You will commonly see this type of foam being used in hangars
  • Alcohol-resistant foams: these foams contain a polymer which creates a protective coating between the fire and the foam, preventing the foam being broken down by alcohols in the fire. Naturally, these are commonly used in spaces where MTBE and other oxygenates are in regular use.

In addition to these, there are also different classes of foam. The type you’ll need depends entirely on your business, and many of our clients require different foams for different areas. Whatever your requirements, we’ll work with you to help you make the best decision for your business.

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The benefits of CAF systems

CAF systems have a wide range of benefits when compared with alternative fire fighting systems, including:

  • Low water consumption, reducing water damage when extinguishing fires
  • The ability to coat large areas incredibly quickly, minimising any damage caused and the risk of a fire spreading further
  • Reduced environmental impact, the reduced water consumption means you not only save water, but have less dirty water runoff following a fire
  • Reduced infrastructure requirements. Compressed air foam systems can be fit into a much smaller area than alternative solutions, dramatically reducing your infrastructure requirements and spend

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Where to use a compressed air foam system

CAF systems combine flexibility with the ability to quickly and effectively control and eliminate fires, making them the ideal fire protection system for companies involved in industries such as:

Alongside these, CAF systems are suitable for use in a range of other sectors and situations. If you’re unsure if one is the right fire protection solution for your business, we are happy to discuss your options and provide specialist advice.

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