Operators of waste management & recycling facilities are faced with a number of unique challenges, and require reliable fire suppression systems… 

Waste naturally generates its own heat and is susceptible to catching fire. There is often a build up of methane around decomposing material piles. Waste debris will often make its way into vehicle engine compartments and machinery enclosures causing a build up of heat and increasing the risk of fire. In addition to this a number of high profile fires have put the entire industry under pressure from the HSE and Environment Agency.  

We are in an experienced position to provide help. We specialise in the design, installation & maintenance of bespoke and accredited solutions for fixed fire protection in the waste & recycling and waste to energy sectors. In addition we are the exclusive distributor and service provider of the Dafo Vehicle Fire Projection System which is specifically designed, tested and accredited for plant & machinery. Based out of our facility in the East Midlands our expansive fleet of engineers and vans gives us fast effective UK wide coverage. We understand the pressures our customers operate under and therefore pride ourselves on our efficiency, fast response and the highest levels of engineering.

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The Issue

A large waste and recycling operation runs a 24 hour a day 7 days a week site. There are a number of buildings with waste processing plants in them alongside stored piles of a variety of combustable materials. In addition to this there is a fleet of mobile plant and machinery that work long hours generating heat which are in and out of the risk areas constantly. The companies insurance provider insists that they have fire protection across all these risk areas as well as the need to get sign off from the Environment Agency for their Fire Prevention Plan which is part of validating their site permit.  

Our Solution

We are fortunate to work with a number of national and international partners, allowing us to offer a broad range of third-party accredited solutions to suit any requirement. Our team will visit your site and carry out a full assessment, free of charge, including discussing with you what you want to achieve. We will then draw up a range of options for you and report back to identify which suits you best.

Our service is individually tailored from design to installation and on-going service support. Based out of our facility in the East Midlands in the UK and with a base in County Kildare Ireland this gives us fast effective UK & Ireland wide coverage with our expansive fleet of engineers and vans. We understand the pressures on time and systems across a number of operations and therefore pride ourselves on our efficiency, fast response and the highest levels of engineering.


Our solutions are recognised by insurers and government bodies for industrial applications covering IR3 flame detection, spark and ember detection, aspirating, thermal imaging, linear and heat detection among others. We offer various active suppression solutions including the Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection System, foam, water mist, water spray, aerosol & clean agent systems depending on the risk type.

We know the key to success is working with our customers to understand their specific requirements and providing a bespoke solution that works for them on reliability, cost and aftercare service.

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