​Foam pouring systems provide a fire suppression and vapour suppression solution for areas in which flammable liquids are stored. These units provide protection against a fire spreading in these high-risk areas, which could otherwise become difficult to control or manage.

At Fire Shield Systems, we offer foam pouring systems, as components of our fixed fire fighting systems, suitable for use at a range of different locations. Our team of fire protection experts work closely with you to establish the unique risks and requirements of your business. By providing a bespoke solution, we’ll ensure you have the best fire protection system for your individual needs.

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Fire Protection Guide

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Where are Foam Pouring systems used?

All companies that manufacture, store, dispense, process or transport flammable liquids are likely to require foam pouring systems as part of their fire protection system. Below is a list of industries and other types of locations that this applies to.


  • Refineries
  • Tank farms
  • Jetties
  • Loading facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Production plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Helideck
  • Power plants
  • Waste treatment plants
  • Fire Brigades, Civil defence, Armed forces, etc.


  • Generator rooms
  • Platform structure
  • Helideck, process deck


  • Tank deck
  • Machinery spaces
  • Cargo spaces
  • Fire fighters, Tugs, Supply vessels

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