In an environment which is entirely unique and challenging, we design and install bespoke fire protection to defend you and your equipment at all times…

You work in harsh and often isolated locations. Your vehicles run at high temperatures and carry large amounts of flammable oils and fuels. To add to that whether it be forestry or agriculture you are surrounded by chopping debris, wood chips, sawdust, trees, dust, dry crops, chaff and straw. These factors make having an effective vehicle fire protection system absolutely essential.
We’re specialists at supplying, installing and maintaining systems on even the largest vehicles, allowing you to protect your staff, reduce production downtime and avoid damage to machinery and the environment. We have significant experience designing and installing fire protection and suppression systems in many different industries.

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Fire Protection Guide

Not sure which fire protection system you need? Check our comprehensive Fire Protection Guide.

The Issue

A farmer working in an isolated location on a combine harvester. Despite routine maintenance on the machine that morning there has been significant build up of chaff and dust around parts of the engine bay. The weather is hot and the machine is running very hot. Over time the build up of heat around the turbo ignites the chaff and dust resulting in the start of a fire.

Our Solution

Dafo Fire Protection System 

The Dafo suppression systems consists of three important integrated methods /systems; Detection, Alarm and Suppression. These work together in a co-ordinated, fast and efficient way to suppress a fire inside the engine compartment, protecting operators, your employees, assets and the surrounding environment “third party cost”.

Detection: Ultra-reliable Linear Heat Detection Cable will route through the areas of high risk for fire inside the engine compartment to ensure early detection of fire.

Alarm: The alarm panel placed inside of the operator cabin will alarm the operator and the operator can release the system automatically or manually. An external alarm will sound which will alert the operator and the staff around the machine. If the customer requires, they will/can see the fire alarm from the control room for each machine and the operator can release the fire suppression system from the control room if needed (we have a remote release interface as option for WIFI and/ or GPS signal).

Suppression: The distribution network is carefully designed with flexible fire resistance hydraulic hoses and stainless steel pipe with DW2 nozzles. The nozzles will cover all areas or points of high risks of fire: (e.g. turbo, catalytic converter, pumps, fuel lines, generators, transmission belts, filters and hydraulic package).

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