Compressed Air Foam Systems

CAF systems provide a versatile fire suppression solution for a range of fire type in various high-risk applications. 

Combining flexibility with the ability to quickly and effectively control and eliminate fires, CAF systems are the ideal fire protection system for companies involved in: 

Alongside these, CAF systems are suitable fire suppression solutions for a range of other sectors. 

The benefits of CAF systems 

  • The foam is discharged over a broad area, ensuring complete control of any fire, regardless of its distance from the system 
  • As well as combatting the fire, our foam system cools the area surrounding the fire, minimising the chance of it spreading 
  • The environmental impact of CAF systems is much-reduced in comparison to traditional water systems, thanks to a reduced volume of polluted water run-off 
  • Compressed foam is easier to clean than water and causes much less damage to the surrounding structures, dramatically reducing the financial impact of any fires even further 
  • Smoke emissions are reduced as a result of the foam blanketing the fire, minimising the risks of smoke inhalation 

How our foam fire suppression system works 

Our CAF systems come with the option of a range of detection options, and we work closely with you to establish the best-possible option or combination of options for your business. These include: 

  • IR3 flame detection 
  • Thermal imaging 
  • Visual smoke detection cameras 

These systems all quickly detect any fires and alert you to the situation by sounding a fire alarm, enabling swift, safe evacuation. 

Upon detection, the CAF system is automatically activated, targeting both the fire and surroundings with our unique foam solution and ensuring fast elimination. In addition to this, you are also able to manually control the spray remotely, allowing you to retreat to a safe distance and target key areas. 

Watch this short video to see our CAF system in action at a biomass and waste wood processing plant 

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