The Dafo Vehicle Fire Suppression System

Dafo Fire Suppression System – Introduction

The Dafo suppression systems consist of three important integrated methods /systems; Detection, Alarm and Suppression. These work together in a co-ordinated, fast and efficient way to suppress a fire inside the engine compartment, protecting operators, your employees, assets and the surrounding environment “third party cost”.

Detection: Ultra-reliable Linear Heat Detection Cable will route through the areas of high risk for fire inside the engine compartment to ensure early detection of fire.

Alarm: The alarm panel placed inside of the operator cabin will alarm the operator and the operator can release the system automatically or manually. An external alarm will sound which will alert the operator and the staff around the machine. If the customer requires, they will/can see the fire alarm from the control room for each machine and the operator can release the fire suppression system from the control room if needed (we have a remote release interface as option for WIFI and/ or GPS signal).

Suppression: The distribution network is carefully designed with flexible fire resistance hydraulic hoses and stainless steel pipe with DW2 nozzles. The nozzles will cover all areas or points of high risks of fire: (e.g. turbo, catalytic converter, pumps, fuel lines, generators, transmission belts, filters and hydraulic package).

Watch this short video showing what the Dafo system is and how it works.

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Dafo Fire Suppression System – Forrex

Dafo Forrex is a unique wet/ liquid agent which has been specially formulated for fighting fires in engine compartments. A specifically designed agent, combines the knockdown properties of dry powder, the heat reduction of water mist and the deep- seated component cooling and prevention of reignition.

Flame Knockdown – Forrex has interlocking fields of spray which coats all areas of the engine, cutting off the fuels’ oxygen supply. The swift discharge and interlocking spray patterns of the nozzles helps to displace the oxygen and absorb the radiant heat of the fire to “kill” the flames breaking the feedback loop of the fire.

Cooling of risk area & components – Forrex uses a special size of droplet spray size, balanced between a water mist and a semi-coarse spray. Forrex spray droplets are slightly coarse – still small enough to create massive surface area which absorbs the radiant heat, but large enough to penetrate the heat plume-falling upon the surfaces temperature, therefore helping to prevent reignition.

Forrex is also extremely effective at following the contours of the engine components in the risk area to ensure it reaches every area where the fire may be. This is particularly important for a flammable liquid fire, as it means the Forrex can follow the path that the burning fuel is flowing in order to ensure effective suppression.

Prevention of reignition – Forrex – tackles the risk of reignition both by cooling and saturating the fuels and ignition sources (as detailed above) but also by leaving a coating of Forrex over the protected surfaces to continue cooling and cut off the fuels’ oxygen supply. Forrex has fantastic adhesion properties to ensure it effectively coats all surfaces until the risk of reignition has passed.

Clean up after Discharge – Forrex agent has been designed to be gentle on the engine and can be washed after discharge simply by rinsing the risk area down with water.

How does the Dafo System work? 

The Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection System’s integrated systems work together in a co-ordinated, fast and efficient way to quickly suppress fire in high-risk areas and protect equipment, making it a smart choice for plant and machinery fire protection.

This video shows a Dafo System fitted to a mobile shredder. 

The cost of ownership benefit with the Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection System 

Setting The Standard For Fire Protection Systems