os s, picture rotor recycling plant

The Waste and Recycling Industry is one of the most challenging industries to affectively apply suitable fire detection and suppression. The reasons for this is because waste sites generally have so many different types of fire risks that appear in close proximity.


Material is varied and stockpiles are often large and hard to control due to the nature of the business. Stocks are prone to seasonal fluctuations and restricting stock can impact the profitability of the business. Also the Waste industry in the UK is still quite young and therefore not quite as mature or heavily legislated as other high-risk industries such as marine or petrochemicals.


FireShield Systems Ltd specialise in solutions for the waste and recycling industry and we exclusively offer some of the best solutions on the world market. Our range of stationary One-Seven Foam Extinguishing Systems offer some of the most exciting and cutting edge solutions that can be found anywhere in the world for fire suppression.


We can also offer both high pressure and low pressure Watermist systems for the waste industry that has a proven track record over many years and suitable for tackling many of the hazards that exist on a typical recycling site.


We also offer Asset and Vehicle Protection for a wide range of mobile plant that is commonly in use across the Waste & Recycling Industry for handling material. This can be both a single or twin agent solution traditionally using foam and/or powder to eliminate flames upon detection and prevent the re-ignition of fires with foam.


We also offer a wide range of Detection Solutions that can be installed in conjunction with or instead of suppression equipment. This can range from simple burst tube detection to very sophisticated heat or flame detection cameras.