This sector includes Powerstations, Transformers, Wind Turbines, Petrochemical Plants, Data Centers and sensitive building/rooms such as Achieves or Museums.


FireShield Systems Ltd specialise in solutions for the Energy Sector and we exclusively offer some of the best solutions on the world market. Our range of stationary One-Seven Foam Extinguishing Systems offer some of the most exciting and cutting edge solutions that can be found anywhere in the world for fire suppression. Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS) are widely accepted as the best form of suppression for fuel and chemical fires where most other agents are ineffective or dangerous.

FireShield Systems Ltd can supply Gaseous Suppression Systems for specialist applications. This includes both inert and chemical gaseous fire suppression systems. These systems are used for fire protection of high value environments such as data centres, telecommunications sites, oil & gas facilities, turbines and museums. Gas is a rapid fire suppression agent that, on detection of a fire discharges throughout the protected space, suppressing the fire without damaging the surrounding equipment or facilities.

Condensed Aerosols are used in small confined spaces where the end user needs to avoid damaging sensitive equipment that would otherwise be affected by traditional fire suppression agents, such as water, foam or powder. Some applications are: diesel generators, CHP machinery, HV / LV rooms, Transformer Rooms and cable ducts. This product requires no maintenance and when activated, produces a mist of mainly Potassium Salts that work very quickly to suppress any fire present.


We also offer a wide range of Detection Solutions that can be installed in conjunction with or instead of suppression equipment. This can range from simple linear heat detection to very sophisticated heat and flame detection cameras.