This sector includes protection of road & rail tunnels, heliports, large civil engineering projects


Heliports can be protected with One-Seven® Foam Extinguishing Systems by using monitors to protect the helicopter, people and the surrounding buildings. The monitors allow a high quality extinguishing foam that can be applied to the affected areas quickly and efficiently in all weather conditions.


Road and Rail Tunnels have been effectively protected with One-Seven® Foam Extinguishing Systems for many years. With history demonstrating some tragic tunnel fires across Europe including, but not limited to Mont Blanc Tunnel 1999, Gotthard Tunnel in 2001, Frejus Tunnel in 2005, Viamala Tunnel in 2006, the search has been on to reduce the risk and manage fire incidents in a better way. The severity of tunnel fires is often magnified due to the limited evacuation possibilities and high fire dynamics within the tunnel. One-Seven® Foam Extinguishing Systems offer many advantages in this application because it can be retro-fitted, requires minimal storage for water and has key characteristics that help reduce the fire quickly and protect people and vehicles until fire services arrive


Condensed Aerosols are used in small confined spaces where the end user needs to avoid damaging sensitive equipment that would otherwise be affected by traditional fire suppression agents, such as water, foam or powder. This included protecting engine bays on Plant and Machinery as well as City Buses etc.