There are many situations where dealing with a fire at source will both minimise the damage of valuable assets by extinguishing the fire early and before it fully develops, enabling a quicker recovery of operations and minimising downtime.

Forrex Extinguishing Agent

The Forrex extinguishing agent is a unique ‘wet chemical’ agent developed specifically for vehicle engine bays and has remarkable extinguishing capabilities. It speedily knocks out the flames, smothering the fuel source with a layer of foam while reducing the ambient temperature in the risk area.

The foam soaks into any burning solid materials that may have gathered in the engine area, and cools the superheated engine surfaces such as the turbocharger and exhaust manifold to prevent re-ignition of the flames after discharge is complete – a far greater risk than is commonly realised. After the fire it is easy to clean down the engine bay – the Forrex foam has been specially formulated to be gentle on the engine bay and is simple to remove after discharge – just rinse the area down with water! This helps to ensure that you can be back in business again as soon as possible.

Unique Pressureless Extinguishing Agent Tank

The extinguishing agent tank is superb quality, engineered from solid aluminium. The system uses a factory sealed nitrogen cartridge which is released on detection of a fire – a much better option than stored pressure cylinders which are inherently unreliable in engine bay applications.

The Forrex agent tank is also unique in being able to be installed (and fully discharged) at any angle. This makes installing the extinguishant cylinder easier and less obtrusive, but more importantly means that in the event of the vehicle overturning and catching fire the system will still be able to fully discharge – something that is not possible with many alternative systems.

Key Features

  • 10 Year life cycle
  • Installed Vertically or Horizontally
  • Only requires one annual inspection
  • Follows Swedish SBF 127 + 128 Approval
  • Robust system is adapted to endure high demands in surroundings with a lot of vibration, huge temperature changes, and chemical and mechanical strain.
  • Low cost of ownership compared to its rivals (Only requires very minor part replacements over its lifetime)
  • 180 Deg Activation point
  • Dafo is a liquid system so it offers high temperature heat reduction compared to Dry powder systems
  • With more than 4 decades of experience and over 100,000 systems installed since the year 2000, you can find DAFO Forrex installed all over the world, on all types of machinery in almost every industry!
  • After discharge, just wash down with water and you can be back in business again as soon as possible. The dramatically reduced downtime due to the removal of messy powders that take substantially longer to clean and remove is a massive advantage.

The DAFO Vehicle System

Dafo Forrex has been specifically designed for fighting fires in engine bays, and has been tried, tested and improved over a 40 year lifetime to become the market leading system it is today.

The system detects fire using Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC), which is installed around key fire risks and across the top of the engine compartment of your machinery. LHDC detects fire along the entire length of the cable, which means that any developing fire is identified and tackled as quickly as possible.

Linear Heat Detection is one of the most robust and durable forms of fire detection available, and is ideal for the very harsh conditions of an engine bay.