FireShield Systems High Pressure and Low Pressure Watermist Systems

A Watermist system uses ultra fine droplets of water that increase the overall surface area when compared to a traditional sprinkler system. Approximately 100 times greater for the same volume of water. This combined with the high speed at which they convert to steam and absorb the energy of the fire.

The fire suppression ability of fine Watermist has been recognised for many years. FireShield Systems Ltd can design and deliver a fixed fire protection system that uses watermist to control, suppress or extinguish a fire. A system generally comprises of automatic nozzles attached to a piping system containing water and connected to a water supply. At operation, the water mist system discharges a cone of spray containing small water droplets that fills the protected zone with water mist.

An effective water mist system should generate, distribute, and maintain a concentration of small droplets sufficient for the protection of the fire risk for sufficient time to meet the objective of the protection. The Fundamentals to achieving this are:

  • Maintaining the correct pressure/flow characteristics at the nozzle for sufficient time.
  • Correct positioning of the nozzles to ensure full coverage of the space and minimal water wastage.
  • Having extinguished a fire, Watermist will continue to cool the source preventing re-ignition.